The NewsThe KAMUT Schiacciatina is champion of quality! Firts placed in TUTTOFOOD QUALITY COMPETITION
AWARD 2015
The NewsNew special tastes of bruschetta are now available OLIVES FLAVOUR, MEDITERRANEAN FLAVOUR, GARLIC AND BASIL FLAVOUR
Photographer: Michel TemTeme. This portraitist and acclaimed fashion photographer is originally from Ethiopia but has been living in Milan for many years. The image was taken on 19th December 2010 in the savannah on the border between Ethiopia and Kenya. Portrait: Zenaba the vet with his friend Negat who manage the protection of animals in unprotected areas. On the 8-day tours from their home city of Addis Abeba, they drive thousands of kilometers in their jeeps every day. Zenaba already knew schiacciatine as his friend Michel brings them from Italy as a present for his grandchildren.