The NewsThe KAMUT Schiacciatina is champion of quality! Firts placed in TUTTOFOOD QUALITY COMPETITION
AWARD 2015
The NewsNew special tastes of bruschetta are now available OLIVES FLAVOUR, MEDITERRANEAN FLAVOUR, GARLIC AND BASIL FLAVOUR

Golden and crunchy, the organically farmed khorasan wheat KAMUT® Schiacciatina, are a tasty snack that brings a rustic touch to the dinner table. The Bottoli Schiacciatina contains only khorasan wheat KAMUT® (94.6% content). The khorasan wheat KAMUT® is an ancient type of wheat grown thousands of years ago in the area between Eygypt and Mesopotamia, which has survived the pressures of natural selection and genetic modifications. The Bottoli Schiacciatina is free from artificial flavours, saturated fats and animal fats and is a natural source of fibre. Thanks to the handy single portion packets, low calorie content and lightness, they are a great alternative to traditional snacks.
The ideal way to avoid being caught out when hunger hits! Perfect snacks for school, work, free-time, travel or leisure.