The NewsThe KAMUT Schiacciatina is champion of quality! Firts placed in TUTTOFOOD QUALITY COMPETITION
AWARD 2015
The NewsNew special tastes of bruschetta are now available OLIVES FLAVOUR, MEDITERRANEAN FLAVOUR, GARLIC AND BASIL FLAVOUR

Our Schiacciatine by Bottoli are so good, they are best sellers in Italy.

Used in ancient times as a simple bread-based snack, they are still satisfying modern day food demands to this day.
Schiacciatine are crunchy, light, crispy and tasty, just as they are straight
from the oven. Perfect for the "Snack Generation".
Low in calories and available in handy mono-portion packets, they are perfect
for fending off hunger anytime, anyplace.

Ideal for when you’re at school, at work, on the move, doing sport or just having a break.
We guarantee our products are tasty – all you need to do is choose the flavor!

• Schiacciatine Tray • Schiacciatine Single